The week ahead: February 7



On Thursday, the monthly inflation report  that we've all grown to dread will be released, and it's expected to be extremely bad once again. Inflation is expected to have increased by 0.5 percent from the previous month and 7.3 percent over the last year, which would be the biggest increase since 1982.


Last week’s earnings reports resulted in a roller coaster for stock prices, from Snap’s (NYSE: SNAP) 59% jump to Meta’s (NASDAQ: FB) 26% crash. The companies reporting this week—Pfizer (NYSE: PFE), Disney (NYSE: DIS), Coca-Cola (NASDAQ: KO), Pepsi (NASDAQ: PEP), Twitter (NYSE: TWTR), and Zillow (NASDAQ: Z) among them—know that in this market, any blemish on their report could lead to a stock plunge.


The 2022 Beijing Games are already into their first full week. Here’s the current medal count.   The TV schedule for this week includes: snowboarding cross and the  women’s quarterfinal hockey game.

Everything else

  • Tuesday: The Academy Award nominees will be announced
  • Friday: New York Fashion Week begins
  • Sunday: The Super Bowl with the Bengals versus the Rams. Expect a lot of crypto ads.
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