2021 In Review: 5 Best Performing IPOs

Here's a breakdown of some of last year's best IPO performers.

The stock markets broke new ground in 2021, with a record number of IPOs and capital raised. More than $490 billion was raised via public debuts in 2021.

This list includes traditional IPOs, direct listings, or SPAC mergers of over 1,500 firms.

Here are the top five IPOs of 2021, as determined by their performance. IPO pricing was used, and micro-cap companies were excluded from the list.

1. Digital World Acquisition (NASDAQ:DWAC)

IPO: September 2021

IPO Price: $10 (DWACU Units)

YTD Range: $9.84 to $175

Current Price: $52.96

YTD Performance: +430% (common shares)

Investors who acquired SPAC units of Digital World Acquisition (NASDAQ:DWAC) in September now own one common share of DWAC and one-half a warrant. Investors were caught off guard when the SPAC became one of the year's top performers as well as one of the most talked about stories in the public markets.

In November, DWAC said it would be putting Trump Media & Technology Group on the market. The media company established by former President Donald Trump intends to compete with big technology and media firms like Twitter, Meta Platforms Inc, Netflix, Amazon and, Walt Disney Co.  Investors sent shares soaring after the announcement. Shares remain up over 400% and the stock will likely be one of the biggest storylines in 2022 as the SPAC completes its merger process.

2. ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd (NYSE:ZIM)

IPO: January 2021

IPO Price: $15

YTD Range: $11.34 to $62.20

Current Price: $55.82

YTD Performance: +272%

ZIM Integrated (NYSE:ZIM), a container shipping company founded in 1999, offered shares at $15 each, compared to the previously stated range of $16 to $18. Shares have increased steadily throughout the year.

ZIM Integrated announced another net income of $1.46 billion for the third quarter, which was its highest quarterly sum to date. Carried volume increased 16% year over year in the third quarter for ZIM Integrated. Revenue for the third quarter was $3.14 billion, up 210 percent year over year. ZIM converted to a quarterly dividend payout system this year with $2.50 per share declared for the third quarter.

3. Esports Technologies Inc (NASDAQ:EBET)

IPO: April 2021

IPO Price: $6

YTD Range: $6 to $54

Current Price: $18.11

YTD Performance: +202%

Esports Technologies (NASDAQ:EBET), a licensed online gaming operator that went public in 2021, was formed in 2020 and was highly anticipated. The firm offered 2.4 million shares at a $6 price point instead of the putative range of $4.50 to $5.

The company's shares rose after the IPO, when many traders rushed to buy. The uncommon supply of stock was a major motivator for investors. Since going public, the business has been active in acquiring firms, releasing new goods, and filing gaming licenses and patents.

4. Jowell Global Ltd. (NASDAQ:JWEL)

IPO: March 2021

IPO Price: $7

YTD Range: $4.22 to $22.30

Current Price: $17.10

YTD Performance: +144%

Jowell Global (NASDAQ:JWEL), a Chinese e-commerce firm that went public in March, saw an impressive jump during its first few days on the market.

From June to November, shares traded at or near to the $7 IPO price. The firm recently saw its stock rise as a result of third-quarter gross market volume growth of over triple digits.

5. Affirm Holdings Ltd. (NASDAQ:AFRM)

IPO: January 2021

IPO Price: $49

YTD Range: $46.50 to $176.55

Current Price: $105.03

YTD Performance: +114%

Affirm Holdings (NASDAQ:AFRM), a popular "buy now, pay later" firm that went public in early 2021, has had a successful year. The firm raised $1.2 billion as one of the largest offerings in money raised thus far.

The business has surpassed revenue expectations from the Street in all three reported quarters of fiscal 2021.

A partnership with Amazon.com was announced in August, and it will be one of the most important drivers for the firm in 2022.

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