World Watch: March 22

The Ups and Downs happening around the world.

So much for golden years

It's a fad. Wealthy men are coming back to work. Football great Tom Brady and cereal/coffee magnate Howard Schultz both un-retired recently.

Sunrise is the new Sunset

If daylight saving time is adopted permanently, the December morning sun in New York City will rise after 8 a.m.  I guess some people will see the sunrise for the first time.

But size never really mattered

After a new antenna was installed, the Eiffel Tower grew by 20 feet. It is now about 60 feet taller than it was when construction concluded in 1889.

Mr. Potato Head is disappointed

The world's largest potato discovered in New Zealand in August, named Doug, was discovered to not be a potato at all. DNA test results show that he is a "tuber of a gourd."

Romance isn't dead, its ranch flavored

A diamond manufactured from superheated Hidden Valley dry ranch seasoning has been created by man.  It subsequently sold on eBay for $12,550. I wonder if the recipient said yes?

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