World Watch: February 21

The Ups and Downs happening around the world.

A Home for Disney Adults

Disney (NYSE:DIS) is launching a new business, called Storyliving, building residential communities across the US.  They will cater to fans who are "looking to write [the] next chapter of their lives with Disney",  and who want all their food  Mickey-shaped 24/7.

When You Gotta Go...

The "We Can't Wait" app was released this month, mapping 45,000 toilet locations in the United States and pointing to the country's lack of public restroom accessibility.

Ed Sheeran Crypt Keeper

Ed Sheeran has been given the go-ahead to construct a crypt beneath the private chapel on his Suffolk estate.  Neighbours of the singer do not agree that this is a perfect addition.

Giant Leaps for Mankind

The Adam Smith Institute has released a paper proposing that the moon be privatized in order to improve living standards on Earth.  How does trickle-down work in minimal gravity?

Warehouse Availability

According to a survey by major warehouse landlord Prologis, vacancies are essentially non-existent and rents are spiking 18% in the United States. The explanation? Blame Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) mostly.

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