World Watch: April 19

The Ups and Downs happening around the world.

Real-life hero

Zach Tahhan, a 21-year-old Syrian immigrant, is the latest hero, having recognized the suspected subway shooter on video and phoning the cops.

Take me out to the ballgame

In a regular-season MLB game, the SF Giants' Alyssa Nakken became the first woman on the field as a head coach. She was asked to become first-base coach last Tuesday.

Does size matter

The largest comet nucleus ever observed has been discovered by NASA. It measures 85 miles in diameter, which is greater than Rhode Island (not saying much).

Apocalypse soon

Global warming may be kept at or below the 2°C target, if nations follow through on their emissions promises, according to new climate research.

Summer homes

Rising mortgage rates and rising house prices have caused vacation home demand to plummet for the second month in a row, according to Redfin.

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