Weekly Round-Up: April 7

The news you may have missed this week, to get you ready for the weekend.

Dems assign blame for gas prices

In a congressional hearing yesterday, US oil executives were grilled by Democrats, who charged them with raising gas costs for customers while profiting themselves. Exxon (NYSE:XOM), Chevron (NYSE:CVX), Shell (NYSE:SHEL), and other energy companies' leaders said they had little power over oil prices, which have grown almost 70% since last year.

US announces tougher sanctions on Russia

The US imposed "full blocking sanctions" (the most severe conceivable) on Sberbank and Alfa-Bank, two large Russian banks, in response to alleged "war crimes" by the Russian military in Ukraine.In addition, the United States sanctioned Russian President Vladimir Putin's two adult daughters and prohibited new American investments in Russia.

Uber Flights?

This summer, Uber (NYSE:UBER) is testing a function that would allow you to reserve long-distance travel (planes, trains, and buses) in the United Kingdom, continuing its efforts to launch a super app for traveling. It looks like they're just bringing back Uber Pool...

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