The Week So Far: April 20

What is going on so far this week, that you need to know.

The transport face mask mandate has been lifted.

A federal judge in Florida junked the CDC's ban on face coverings on planes, trains, and other modes of public transportation, claiming that the department had gone beyond its bounds with the regulation that the Biden administration had only recently prolonged for another 15 days. Following the decision, all four major US airlines withdrew their facial covering requirements for domestic flights.

Infowars went bankrupt.

A far-right conspiracy theory website, as well as two others controlled by far-right radio host Alex Jones, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection with liabilities of up to $10 million each. The relatives of shooting victims sued Jones for defamation and won in default judgment against him in Connecticut.

Corporate flight is causing problems for Moscow.

Mayor Sergey Sobyanin announced that Western businesses' mass departure from Russia has put 200,000 employment at risk. To aid those employees, authorities have set up a $41 million compensation fund.

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