The Week Ahead: March 28

The week ahead will reveal job numbers, the 2023 budget, and potentially another booster. This is no April Fools joke

Employment report

The monthly jobs report has been overshadowed by inflation data, which is the must-see economic event of the month. Despite this, Wall Street will be paying attention when it is released on Friday. Economists forecast that March's employment gains were 460,000 and that the unemployment rate fell to 3.7%.

Another round of shots

The FDA is expected to offer a second booster shot for some US adults as early as this week. According to reports, the Biden administration is considering making a fourth vaccination available to everyone over the age of 50.

Budget on deck

Today, President Biden will send his fiscal year 2023 budget to Congress. He'll ask for $813.3 billion in national security spending, a 4% increase from last year's estimates, and the minimum tax for billionaires.

Everything else:

  • On Tuesday, Blue Origin will conduct the fourth crewed mission to space.
  • Friday is April Fools Day. Don’t even think about it.
  • Saturday marks the beginning of Ramadan.
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