The Week Ahead: March 1

The President & Fed chair are speaking, reports are dropping, and NOLA is partying.

US progress report

President Biden will deliver his first State of the Union address tonight. It's a speech he's no doubt had to rewrite many times since Putin invaded Ukraine.

The speech will likely address:

  • his administration's response to Europe’s largest ground war since WWII
  • the path out of the pandemic
  • his plan for combating inflation
  • how to revive his Build Back Better agenda

Jerome Powell on the mic

The Federal Reserve chair will appear twice before Congress this week. It'll be fascinating to see whether the Ukraine conflict is influencing the Fed's calculus to raise interest rates.

The jobs report drops on Friday

The US labor market is expected to continue its upswing after the economy added 467,000 new jobs in January.


The Q4 earnings season is still going. Companies releasing their financials for the previous quarter include Lucid (NASDAQ:LCID), Salesforce (NYSE:CRM), Target (NYSE:TGT), Domino’s (NYSE:DPZ), Wendy’s (NASDAQ:WEN), AMC (NYSE:AMC), Costco (NASDAQ:COST), and Sweetgreen (NYSE:SG).

Everything else

  • Mardi Gras is on Today, and New Orleans is going all out. Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday.
  • The Batman opens on Friday. We already have tickets.
  • Remind your boss that Employee Appreciation Day is on Friday.

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