The Week Ahead: April 11

What you need to know, to face the week ahead.

Inflation watch

The consumer price index is this week's economic data highlight. Inflation is expected to have risen 7.9% from a year ago, which the Fed and you both consider to be excessive. The Federal Reserve may potentially increase interest rates by a larger 0.5% point at its meeting in May.

Earnings season is back

The first-quarter earnings season begins with JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and other large financial institutions. Their expected profits have dropped significantly from the previous year, when the economy was still bounding following the Covid collapse.


  • Vaisakhi (the Sikh festival) is celebrated on Thursday, April 14
  • The stock market will be closed for Good Friday
  • Passover begins at sundown on Friday night
  • Easter is on Sunday

Everything else

  • Coachella, the two-weekend music festival that takes place in the California desert every April. begins on Friday
  • On Friday, the play-in round for the NBA will begin, and the real tournament will start on Saturday.
  • National Grilled Cheese Day is on Tuesday. ┬áLet the tomato soup vs. ketchup debate ensue.
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