The Numbers: March 3

The US government is giving refunds, and the Russian financial system is in turmoil


The maximum childcare credit per child for 2021. The government will reimburse you 50% of your childcare expenses while working or looking for work, up to this limit.


The average tax refund issued so far in 2022, according to recent IRS data. Notably, this is a 22.8% increase from 2021.  This could be the incentive you need to cross this off your to-do list. Naturally, that’s subject to change, as millions of Americans have yet to file their taxes.


The interest rate set by the Russian central bank after the ruble fell 30% against the dollar.  This is a record low, following Western sanctions issued in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Russian Sberbank, one of the country's major and most popular lenders, is on the verge of collapse as a result of international sanctions that have effectively cut it off from the global financial system.

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