The Numbers: April 21

Preventing a takeover, considering the financial outlook, and buying a home

$40+ billion

The amount Elon Musk is prepared to spend for Twitter, which has provoked Twitter to propose a "poison pill" strategy.

A company can use it to flood the market with new shares and allow shareholders to purchase more stock at a cheaper price in order to prevent an all-out takeover.


Percentage of Americans who believe that a recession will occur in 2022, according to research by CNBC.

According to the study, 76% of respondents are concerned that rising prices would have an impact on their financial options in the future, and 48% are always worried about inflation.


Percentage of new homeowners who chose new construction, owing to the extreme scarcity in the housing market.

The positive? There's no cutthroat competition for Cape Cods and Colonials since the home is being built especially for you. However, new builds may be considerably more expensive depending on where you reside.

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