History In The Making

There's a lot riding on the outcome of a historic pick, a ticking clock and a potential new rule.

A historic Supreme Court pick

Ketanji Brown Jackson, a federal circuit judge on the DC Court of Appeals, was chosen by US President Joe Biden, to fill Justice Stephen Breyer's seat when he vacates it this summer.  If confirmed, she would become the first Black woman to serve on the US Supreme Court, fulfilling one of Biden’s campaign promises. However, the Court would remain split 6–3 in favor of the conservatives.

This fall, the Court plans to hear major cases on affirmative action and LGBTQ protections.

MLB deadline looms

For the first time in history, baseball has a clock—and it's ticking down to EOD Monday. That’s when MLB team owners and players must agree to end their lockout,  or opening day will be delayed and the season abridged.

It would be the first time since the 1994 strike, that regular-season baseball games are scrapped.  That year even the World Series was canceled.

Short-sellers get targetted

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is considering new regulations that would require short-sellers (investors betting on a stock to fall) to disclose their wagers on a monthly basis.

It's a move to increase transparency around a trading strategy that has been targeted by individual traders, who tried to "squeeze" short-sellers at GameStop last year.

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