Daily Briefing: September 29

The stat, the quote and the watch you need to start your day right.


Alternative meat companies are facing many problems, including declining sales. In the past year, refrigerated meat alternatives have declined by 10.5%, according to IRI data. Deloitte attributes this decline to market saturation, exorbitant prices, and the backlash against "woke" culture.


“I believe that Niemann has cheated more—and more recently—than he has publicly admitted.”

After a month of silence, the world chess champion has spoken out about one of the game's most controversial issues. For the past month, Magnus Carlsen has pulled out of games against American Grandmaster Hans Niemann, adding fuel to the fire that he thought Niemann was cheating. Until yesterday, when he explicitly accused Niemann of cheating, Carlsen had not publicly commented on the situation.


A guide to the terrible terminology of US health insurance. (Brian David Gilbert)

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