Daily Briefing: September 22

The stat, the quote, and the view you need to start the day right


Fall is just about here, which for many across the US means it's time to pack away the shorts and get back to work. According to Kastle Systems, a company that tracks keycard swipes in 10 major metro areas, office use between September 8 and September 14 was back up to 47.5% of what it was in early 2020. That's the highest since Covid shutdowns began impacting our lives. Even so, most people seem prefer working from home when approaching the weekend.  Midweek days had the highest amount of entries into offices per Kastle data gathered.


“We’ve shown that we know how to win on the battlefield. Another important task for us is to achieve victories in the economy as well, and to be an attractive country for investors.”

Ukraine's president, Volodymyr Zelensky, video conferenced with BlackRock CEO Larry Fink to talk about investing in Ukraine.  The nation requires a substantial amount of money to restore (roughly $350 billion by one estimate), while also fighting back against Russia's aggression. The two spoke about how BlackRock might offer the country free expert consultation on creating a reconstruction fund.


Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral in pictures. (BBC)

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