Daily Briefing: September 21

The stat, the quote, and the read you need to start the day right.


How much would you spend to reside on the Big Apple's stem? The triplex penthouse of NYC’s Central Park Tower, which is the tallest residential condo building in our world, is currently being marketed for $250 million. If sold at that price, it will also be recorded as the most expensive home sale in United States history. The second-most pricey listing was scooped up by billionaire investor Ken Griffin and was priced at $238 million for a unit located right across the street at 220 Central Park South.


“You know what? I made Titanic. This building that we’re meeting in right now, this new half-billion dollar complex on your lot? Titanic paid for that, so I get to do this.”

In an interview with the New York Times, Avatar director James Cameron explained how he persuaded the studio to keep certain parts of the film, including its lengthy length. It's one of the most amazing bragging rights to say you created Titanic.


A growing number of men are undergoing a radical and expensive surgery to grow anywhere from three to six inches. (GQ)

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