Daily Briefing: September 16

The stat, the quote, and the read you need to start your day off right.


The United States is a young nation, but Congress is old—and growing older. About 25% of Congress are over 70 years old, and the average age of members has been rising for decades. From 1950 until 1990, an average of 10% of Congress was under 40, but since 2000 it's been less than 4%.


“Take that and shove it, Napa.”

Famous words of Fred Franzia, who passed away on Tuesday at 79 years old. He was known for being the pioneer of cheap wine and dreaming up "Two Buck Chuck", which is an exclusive Trader Joe's product. This made affordable wine feel more sophisticated while also causing some of people's worst hangovers. Your legacy will be remembered Mr Franzia.


Can this purple tomato get health-conscious shoppers into GM foods? (Wired)

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