Daily Briefing: October 7

The stat, the quote and the read you need to start your day right.


It's a well-known fact that people are more likely to buy drinks that come in cool containers. The latest example of this is Liquid Death, a three-year-old beverage startup that has just received a $70 million investment round and is now valued at $700 million. This year, the brand is on track to make $130 million in revenue by selling water in appealing, environmentally-friendly hardcore cans instead of plastic bottles. Liquid Death's CEO said they hope to pursue an IPO within the next two years.


“We are very concerned about our scores, and find that they are not an accurate reflection of the time and effort put into this class.”

NYU students petitioned to get their organic chemistry professor, Maitland Jones Jr., fired for being too challenging. Even though he wrote an influential textbook on the subject and had a long career at Princeton before teaching at NYU, 82 out of his 350 students signed the petition last spring. Some other students and fellow chem professors came to his defense, but this sparked a debate. Who was really to blame for the struggling students – the professor or the students? Despite all of this,Jones has said that he doesn't want his job back.


Uncovering the Army of AI Guys on Hinge. (Wired)

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