Daily Briefing: October 3

That stat, the quote and the read you need to start your day off right.


The Library of Congress has the world's largest flute collection, with more than 1,800 instruments, but nowadays everyone is talking about just one. Why? Let Lizzo explain it herself: "I just twerked and played James Madison's crystal flute from the 1800s." The pop star became the first person to play a 209-year-old woodwind (which came with its own US Capitol Police escort) on stage in a sparkly leotard at a concert Tuesday night, after previously performing it privately at the collection.


“New York has a brand. And when people see it, it means something…Kansas doesn’t have a brand.”

Adams' recent praising of the warm welcome he received on humanitarian trips to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic has upset residents of Dorothy's home state. Adams isn't new to insulting Midwest states: while campaigning for mayor, he made headlines by telling recent arrivals to "go back to Iowa" and Ohio so that housing stock would be freed up for longtime NYC residents.


Russian soldiers’ unauthorized calls home from Ukraine. (New York Times)

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