Daily Briefing: October 27

The stat, the quote and the read you need to start your day right.


According to The Knot, October 22 was the most popular wedding date of the entire year. In fact, October is home to three of the five most popular wedding dates in 2022, and 17% of all engaged couples planned to get married in October. This month has it all-- stunning foliage picturesque backdrop + great weather conditions + cheaper venue rental prices!


“It’s full speed ahead across the Atlantic.”

The strong dollar and prospects of a cheap European vacation have caused Americans to focus on travel within Europe, according to United’s Chief Commercial Officer Andrew Nocella. He told the FT that their revenue for trips between the US and Europe jumped 40% in Q3 compared to 2019- a symptom of what he called an "incredible" summer season for transatlantic travel.


A college wrestler fought a bear to save his teammate—and won. ​​(Washington Post)

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