Daily Briefing: May 25

The stat, the quote and the read you need to start your day.


In the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard libel case, public opinion has chosen a side. #IStandWithAmberHeard has received approximately 8.2 million views versus 15 billion for #JusticeForJohnnyDepp. On Friday, the closing arguments are expected to begin.


“Who cares if Miami is six meters underwater in 100 years?”

Apparently, not Stuart Kirk. At a recent conference, HSBC's head of responsible investing gave a talk called "Why investors need not worry about climate risk," where he accused lawmakers and central bankers of exaggerating climate change as an existential problem, that Kirk believes it is not. According to the HSBC executives, Kirk's comments were not aligned with their company's plan.


A profile of the $8 billion startup that’s trying to revolutionize the freight industry. (The Generalist)

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