Daily Briefing: March 7

The Stat, the Quote and the Watch, you need to start your day off right.


A night away from the kids has become a lot more expensive for parents. In 2021, babysitters in the United States made an average of $20.57 per hour, up 11% from 2020, according to Axios. Contrast that with all-sector inflation of 7%.


“The risk of Armageddon has risen dramatically. Stay bullish on stocks over a 12-month horizon.”

Despite the greater danger of civilization-ending nuclear war, BCA Research believes you should still invest in equities this year. The reasoning?

“If an ICBM is heading your way, the size and composition of your portfolio becomes irrelevant. Thus, from a purely financial perspective, you should largely ignore existential risk, even if you do care about it greatly from a personal perspective.”


The failed logistics of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. (Wendover Productions)

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