Daily Briefing: March 30

The stat, quote and read you need, to start your day off right.


We've discovered why the Bills' fans are called the Bills Mafia. The State of New York and the Buffalo Bills came to an agreement for a new stadium that would receive $850 million in public money—the most taxpayer cash ever spent on an NFL stadium, per The New York Times. Tax revenue would cover approximately 60% of the construction cost, which is less than comparable stadium projects.


“We believe a requirement is more equitable and transparent than a test-optional policy.”

MIT has reinstated its SAT/ACT requirement, which it had previously suspended during the Covid pandemic, at a time when many US colleges are abolishing standardized examinations.They say it's "in order to help us continue to build a diverse and talented MIT"


The Lakers’ social media team has some explaining to do. (Kenny Beacham)

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