Daily Briefing: March 3

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According to a Pentagon official, 80% of the 150,000 Russian troops deployed on Ukraine's perimeters have entered the country.

The same official said that fuel and food shortages among the Russian forces have led to poor morale.  In addition, fierce Ukrainian opposition has caused some entire Russian units to surrender without a fight or deliberately sabotage their own vehicles. These issues may be the reason why the 40-mile long Russian tank and armored vehicle convoy, on its way to Kyiv, has significantly slowed in recent days.


“There are many Russians strongly opposing the current military action, and I am one of them.”

Andrey Yakunin, a Russian businessman who resides in London, is one of several Russian magnates to criticize the war in recent days. Sanctions have shrunk their formerly comfortable ties with the West; even playgrounds like Monaco and Switzerland have stated that Russia's upper class is  joining in on the sanctions.


“Yes, he would”: Fiona Hill on Putin and nukes. (Politico)

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