Daily Briefing: March 28

The stat, quote and read you need to start your day right.


According to TV commercial prices, some people still watch the Academy Awards. The average price for a 30-second ad during the telecast reached $1.7 million, and all 60 ad spaces have been sold out. That's fantastic in terms of value compared to the Super Bowl commercials, which cost around  $6.5 million per ad this year.


“We don’t ask for spring break, we don’t promote it, we don’t encourage it; we just endure it.”

The mayor of Miami Beach, Dan Gelber, has declared an emergency midnight curfew for the second year in a row due to the risk of violence (two shootings wounded five bystanders over the weekend). Businesses and civil rights advocates are pushing back, claiming that the curfew unfairly affects the hospitality industry and Black visitors.


Retirement the Margaritaville way. (New Yorker)

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