Daily Briefing: June 9

The stat, the quote, and the watch you need to start your day off right.


The number of Garys is decreasing. Despite the fact that Gary peaked as the 14th most popular name in the United States during the 1940s, just 252 babies were given the name in 2021. So, what was it that caused it to rise back then? Many people believe it was due to the popularity of film star Gary Cooper, who took the name "Gary" from his agent's hometown Gary, Indiana.  So, in a way, every Gary after him is named after Gary, Indiana.


“People used to get high off of drugs. Now, we’re getting high off the food.”

Eating your caviar with a spoon? OK Boomer. “Caviar bumps,” or eating the fish roe off the back of your hand, is becoming quite trendy. according to LA bar owner, Jimmy Han. It isn't new, however—experts claim that specialists have been doing this for centuries in order to taste the delicacy without tainting their palates.


What happens after a TikTok song goes viral. (Vox)

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