Daily Briefing: July 26

The stat, quote and read you need to start your day .


Lake Mead has hit record-low levels, with increasingly dire consequences. Three images of Lake Mead taken in 2000 (left), 2021 (middle), and 2022 (right) have been released by NASA. Due to an ongoing drought, water levels at the country's biggest reservoir have sunk to their lowest level since 1937 ... when Lake Mead was first filled.


“Hard seltzer’s lost its novelty.”

The CEO of Boston Beer Co., which produces Truly hard seltzer, has declared the seltzer craze that began during the pandemic to be over as millennials return to cold light beer. According to Bump Williams Consulting, Truly sales dropped 17% yearly in the latest quarter, while retail store's hard seltzer sales fell 18% in June. (Side note: It appears that seltzer is still quite popular... are any of you seeing this trend materialize?)


Retirement House is on a mission to change people’s ideas about aging through TikTok. (BuzzFeed News)

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