Daily Briefing: February 24

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The Office is the most valuable TV show in the US, according to Bloomberg.  Back in 2019, Peacock bought The Office from Universal for $498,000/episode, in a five-year deal.  Based on their streaming deals, the five most valuable shows are Seinfeld ($361,000 per episode), Friends ($360,000), The Big Bang Theory ($357,000), and South Park ($348,000). So it’s official: Seinfeld is better than Friends ... but The Office is better than them both.


“You are going to see us dramatically curtail our traditional media spend effectively immediately.”

Caesars (NASDAQ:CZR) CEO Tom Reeg advised investors, that reaching its client acquisition targets for its sports betting app faster than expected, the company will scale back its advertising spending. We’ll believe it when we see it.


In an attempt to eliminate the video of his daughter’s murder from the internet, a father created an NFT. (Washington Post)

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