Daily Briefing: Earth Day – April 22

The stat, the quote, and the read you need to start your day off right.


Humans make up 0.01 percent of all biomass on Earth, and they account for just 2.5 percent of all animal biomass. But where have we had the most impact? In terms of livestock farming, it's clear that humans have made a significant contribution by raising cattle at 4% of animal biomass to compare to 0.38% for wild mammals and birds.


“One of our learnings from past mistakes is to act promptly when we discover new information about an investment that is inconsistent with our original thesis. That is why we did so here.”

Bill Ackman, a hedge fund magnate who just a few months ago bought a $1.1 billion stake in Netflix, has decided to call it quits. He dumped his entire Netflix portfolio for a net loss of about $400 million.


The newest edition of Works in Progress has a piece for everyone. (Works in Progress)

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