Daily Briefing: August 31

The stat, the quote, and the read you need to start your day right.


Nebraskan pumpkin-grower Duane Hansen set a world record this weekend for the longest journey in a pumpkin boat. Hansen paddled his 861-pound pumpkin, named Berta, 41 miles down the Missouri River on Saturday, smashing the previous record of 25.5 miles! We think it's the perfect way to celebrate pumpkin spice season!


“As a society we have to do more to create an atmosphere where racist a**holes like this never feel comfortable attacking others.”

On Friday night, at the BYU vs. Duke women's volleyball game in Provo, a fan repeatedly yelled racist slurs at Duke's Rachel Richardson - who is black - during the match. After being notified of the situation, Utah's Republican Gov. Spencer Cox responded immediately. The fan in question has been banned from all BYU athletic facilities and is not a student there.


The 33 coolest streets in the world. (Time Out)

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