Daily Briefing: April 25

The stat, the quote and the watch you need to start your day off right.


Earlier in April,  police looking for the subway shooter suspect said they were seeking for a U-Haul with Arizona plates, which seems strange for a vehicle in New York. But it isn't: Every single one of the roughly 175,000 U-Haul rental trucks in the United States and Canada has Arizona license plates. The firm is based in Phoenix, AZ, and all of its trucks are registered there.


“We did not see a massive influx of retail investors into crypto after the Super Bowl ads.”

According to reports, Matt Damon wasn't as potent a trendsetter as we previously assumed. Noelle Acheson, who leads market insights at digital asset broker Genesis Trading, told the FT that crypto trading remained quiet for weeks after the cryptocurrency-ad campaign during the Super Bowl. In these uncertain times, investors are avoiding risky assets.


Why are TV cameras still huge and expensive? (Zebra Zone)

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