Daily Briefing: April 19

The stat, the quote and the read you need to start your day off right.


The problem with John Stewart is that no one is watching it. According to measurement company Samba TV, the initial episode of Stewart's program on AppleTV+ was seen by 180,000 US homes, but viewership dropped to around 40,000 after five episodes. In comparison, 844,000 houses tuned in for a March episode of John Oliver's Last Week Tonight.


“People are willing to write off the plight of Etsy sellers because people don’t take us seriously, but the reality is we depend on the platform, a lot of us, to make a living.”

Mattie Boyd, one of thousands of Etsy sellers who participated in a protest over the last week, said she was "thrilled" to hear that her protest had impacted the company. While the strike is now finished, activist Etsy vendors plan to keep up the pressure on e-commerce site and create a "solidarity organization" comparable to a labor union, according to The Washington Post.


Why the past 10 years of American life have been uniquely stupid. (The Atlantic)

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