Daily Briefing: April 18

The stat, the quote and the read you need to start your day off right.


According to the company, which is attempting to go public this week after nine years in the private markets, 97% of concert pianists utilized Steinway pianos when performing across the world during the 2018–2019 concert season. It initially went public in 1996 under LVB, short for Ludwig van Beethoven. STWY is now its ticker symbol. Our favorite piano is still the one Tom Hanks played in Big.


β€œIt’s easy on the wallet and annoys Putin.”

As the conflict in Ukraine heats up, Germany's vice-chancellor urged people to cut back on driving and energy use over the Easter weekend as a form of economic pressure against Russian President Vladimir Putin. Ukrainian officials have taken issue with Germany's continued dependence on Russian energy imports.


Jordan Belfort, the inspiration for The Wolf of Wall Street, is marketing himself as a cryptocurrency guru. (The New York Times)

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