Daily Briefing: April 13

The stat, the quote and the read you need to start your day right.


In 2021, Amazon warehouse workers suffered significant injuries at twice the rate of warehouse employees as a whole, according to a study from the advocacy organization Strategic Organizing Center (SOC). Despite making up one-third of the workforce, Amazon warehouse employees accounted for 49% of overall injuries in the workforce.


“Negative sentiment regarding our company is directly associated with, and often transferred to, Mr. Zuckerberg.”

According to a brand-new filing, Facebook spent $26.8 million on personal security for Mark Zuckerberg last year, according to Meta. That's far more than what other large firms spend to protect their CEOs: Amazon invested $1.6 million in security for Jeff Bezos last year, while Berkshire Hathaway invested $273,200 in Warren Buffett mostly to protect him against his age.


Life advice from NYC chess hustlers. (CAFÉ ANNE)

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