Daily Briefing: April 12

The stat, the quote, and the read you need to start your day right.


Once the Kmart store in Avenel, NJ, closes its doors on April 16, there will only be three Kmart locations remaining in the entire US. Founded just a few months before Walmart in 1962, the big-box retailer once had over 2,000 locations.


“We’ve learned over time that these feelings can go beyond a simple like or dislike.”

Netflix just discovered emotion. The firm has now enabled customers to give a "double thumbs up" on content in order to improve the recommendation engine's training on the things you like most. Netflix also drew inspiration from an SNL sketch and created a new "Short-Ass Movies" category, which features films with running durations of 100 minutes or less


On Last Week Tonight, host and comedian John Oliver investigated the online data broker industry and used their own data to blackmail Congress. (HBO)

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