It's Never to Early to Teach Kids About Bitcoin

Bitcoin books for kids could make a great Christmas gift.

With Bitcoin's widespread use (BTC), several books have been published about this game-changing technology. While most publications on Bitcoin found in bookstores are intended for an adult audience, there is a group of authors producing Bitcoin books for children. Keep reading to learn about five Bitcoin novels that you might want to give your kids as gifts this Christmas.

Bitcoin Money: A Tale of Bitville Discovering Good Money

One of the greatest bitcoin kids' books you can give your children this Christmas is Bitcoin Money by Michael Caras, a.k.a. The Bitcoin Rabbi and Marina Yakubivska. The book is a tale for everyone since it helps to answer the question "Why Bitcoin?"

Bitville is the name of the town in which the story takes place. The children of Bitville come to realize that they require a method with which to interact with one another. A strange boy arrives in Bitville just as the youngsters are learning about various currencies and suggests a new type of money - Bitcoin.

The book is well-written and uses easy representations to explain difficult topics like Bitcoin and money in a way that any child can grasp. Caras investigates the rise of money, Bitcoin's origins, as well as the function it performs as good, trusted money in this book.

Bitcoin: The Future of Money (Kids Guide)

Another fantastic Bitcoin book for kids is Bitcoin: The Future of Money (Kids Guide), written by A. D. Largie and Sabrina Pichardo. It's another excellent addition to your kids' Christmas wishlist.

The book is divided into 42 pages and centers on a time traveler who has returned from the future to educate people about the future of currency.

The authors also take readers on a historical trip through history, discussing the money's past, present-day version, and future potential. This book not only explains the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies to kids but also teaches adults about them as well. The images in the book are diverse and interesting, making it more relatable for a wider audience.

This book is a fun and educational read for any youngster interested in learning more about digital currency's applications and advantages, as well as money in general.

B is for Bitcoin

The first-ever children's ABC book about cryptocurrencies is B is for Bitcoin, written by Graeme Moore. Using words like Altcoin, Bitcoin, Consensus, and other crypto-related terms, the book will teach your youngster their ABCs. It's a simple text that explains what Bitcoin is in basic terms for youngsters.

After becoming obsessed with everything Bitcoin and digital currencies in 2015, Moore wrote the book.  The book contains fantastic images that aid in the comprehension of technical terms for children. While some words may be difficult for young children to understand, it's a wonderful book that parents may read to their kids to get them started on all things digital currency.

Bitcoin: The Future of Money

Another excellent book is Bitcoin: The Future of Money?. Dominic Frisby, the author of this book, wrote it to tell the incredible tale of Bitcoin and solve the enigma surrounding Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin's enigmatic creator.

Since its inception, Bitcoin has received both accolades and condemnation. Bitcoin supporters have continued to advocate for the currency's usage, believing it will revolutionize finance as much as the Internet did publishing and email did to postal services.

Frisby explains how Bitcoin will transform the world in this narrative. Most significantly, the author accomplishes this by employing simple language that is easy to understand for children. Furthermore, the book is well-researched and contains a dash of humor.

Bitcoin Smart Kids: Teaching Kids of Every Age About Bitcoin

Bitcoin Smart Kids is authored by Andy LaPointe and his daughter Alena LaPointe. In the book, the authors aim to teach readers about Bitcoin and other digital currencies. The book acts as a guide that is taught by Bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. In the book, which is meant to act as a guide,  “Satoshi” explains the origins of Bitcoin, how to store it safely, and much more.

Andy and Alena spent a lot of time with children and their parents, receiving input on what to include and what not to add.

If you want to give a Bitcoin book for your youngster, this is a great choice. It's simple enough for children and also has plenty of interesting moments. You may  want to include it on your list of possible presents as well.

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