Daily Briefing: October 19

The stat, the quote and the watch you need to start your day.


Despite having a value of $1.2 billion, Decentraland- a company that specializes in selling virtual real estate- only has 8,000 users daily. While it's it’s worth more than Denny’s, it has less users than the amount of people who attend high school football games in Texas.


“Even if China got a hold of the golden hen, it won’t be able to lay golden eggs.”

Strict new US export restrictions targeting China’s tech sector are hurting the global semiconductor industry, but Taiwan’s head of national security was focused on the fate of just one major chipmaker: TSMC. Chen Ming-tong explained that if China invades the island, the US would not need to take over the company’s operations because its manufacturing process is so integrated with global supply chains.


A never-before-seen video courtesy of the January 6th Committee shows how congressional leaders responded during the January attack on the Capitol (Twitter)

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