Women's Wages Have Outpaced Men’s For 6 Months

Don’t celebrate too quickly, though, there are reasons why women's wages are outpacing men's for that last 6 months.

According to the Atlanta Federal Reserve's wage tracker, female earnings have outpaced male earnings for six months in a row.

  • Wages for women rose 4.4% in February, compared to 4.1% growth for males.
  • In December, women's earnings rose at a rate of 0.5% higher than men's for the first time in 20 years.

According to a recent survey, it pays to make a change

31% of women who changed jobs during the pandemic found that their income rose by more than 30%. 28% of males also reported such an increase.

Don't declare victory over the gender pay gap yet

These figures are heavily influenced by the fact that women account for roughly two-thirds of all employees in low-paying professions most affected by the pandemic. Employers who were previously offering those jobs have now reopened to try and attract workers with higher compensation rates.

Zoom out

Despite progress, there is still a significant gender pay gap in the United States. In addition to their lower salaries, full-time female employees continue to earn about 83 cents for each dollar men make — an amount that has stayed relatively fixed for 28 years. Women have lost approximately 70% of pandemic-related employment, with over 1 million still unemployed compared to pre-pandemic figures.

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