Top 20 Marketplaces To Buy & Sell NFTs

Here Are The Top 20 Places To Buy And Sell Digital Collectibles.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are still growing in popularity, with new marketplaces opening almost every week to meet the increasing demand. It might be difficult for newcomers to figure out where they can safely invest and trade virtual assets and crypto art.

Continue reading to discover a list of 20 prominent NFT marketplaces on various blockchains where you can buy and sell digital collectibles.


OpenSea is the oldest and, by far, the most popular NFT marketplace. The New York-based platform enables you to purchase and trade NFTs ranging from in-game assets and collectibles to artwork, trading cards, domain names, virtual worlds, and more.


Rarible is a community-centric Ethereum  (ETH) blockchain based NFT platform. You may buy, sell, and mint a variety of digital art and collectibles on the platform.

The user experience of the marketplace is simple. You may list NFTs on the platform using Raritable tokens (RARI).


SuperRare  is an Ethereum-based NFT marketplace that promotes a wide range of high-quality collectibles and art. The user interface includes dazzling GIFs and live auctions, as well as a sleek design.

SuperRare's platform offers a virtually social experience with content tailored to their tastes. The site collaborates closely with artists to guarantee that high-quality crypto art and media are available on its marketplace.


Foundation is a community-based NFT platform that allows artists to create and sell their own NFTs. Many high-profile transactions have taken place on the platform, including the highly popular Nyan Cat NFT, Edward Snowden's first crypto artwork, and many more. The $800,000 Nyan Cat NFT was sold on Foundation

Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway is a New York-based major NFT platform that enables users to sell NFTs in the United States using US dollars. Gemini, a large, regulated cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, is behind the platform.

Nifty Gateway offers collectors and media from artists in a limited-time function. Furthermore, the site enables users to keep track of NFT drop releases via a timer.

It's notable that the platform gives artists control over their royalty rates from secondary sales. Nifty will charge a 5% fee on each subsequent sale.


Mintable is an NFT exchange that allows users to create, purchase, and sell NFTs. The Singapore-based platform supports Ethereum and Zilliqa (ZIL) NFTs, which were founded in 2018.

Users can purchase a variety of NFTs on Mintable, including art and antiques, in-game goods, and music. The platform further separates items into normal, gasless, and printable categories.

Mintable offers several more features, such as custom stores and advertising packages, which may be accessed by upgrading to the Pro Plan. On Mintable, NFT creation is simple.

Makers Place

Makers Place is a community-driven NFT marketplace for digital creators that aims to create a community of superior creators.

The San Francisco-based NFT marketplace, which was founded in 2018, has an escrow functionality and charges a 15% fee on all ETH purchases. Credit card payments may be used to make secondary sales settlements.

The platform, like Nifty Gateway, releases new NFT drops on a regular basis and has hosted several memorable drops from artists like T-Pain and Shakira. When the Makers Place platform released a collection of NFTs from crypto artist Beeple in early 2021, it went down temporarily.

Stacks Art

Stacks Art is an NFT marketplace with a Stacks  (STX) blockchain that allows NFTs to be secured on the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain. Users can explore, purchase, and sell digital collectibles from a variety of creators on the platform. To connect to the market, they'll need a Hiro Wallet.

On each subsequent sale, a royalty may be earned if you list items on the platform. Stacks Art will charge a 2.5 percent commission on each secondary NFT transaction.


STX NFT is another important marketplace on Stacks, which allows listing bitcoin NFTs, which have increased in popularity over the past year.

Stacks NFT releases are becoming increasingly popular, with market values for well-known groups rising to eye-popping valuations.


Byzantion is a new NFT marketplace that has just opened to provide Stacks users with an easy-to-use platform to buy, trade, and mint NFT collections secured by Bitcoin.


KnowOrigin is an established NFT marketplace with a mature browsing experience for users. The platform skips the wacky elements of the NFT world by concentrating on high-quality crypto art listings.


AirNFTs SkyWire is a marketplace that allows users to purchase and sell NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The site claims that around 200,000 NFTs have been minted as a result of the platform.

Crypto exchange Binance's binance coin (BNB) and the platform's own token, AirT, can be used as money in the Binance ecosystem. Users may take advantage of the AirNFTs launchpad feature to get exposure for their collection if they are an artist wanting to sell NFTs.


tofuNFT is an NFT marketplace on the Binance Smart Chain that allows you to buy and trade crypto art. Developed by SCV.Finance (SCV), the platform may be run on other blockchains such as Polygon (MATIC). When compared to the defunct SCV.Finance NFT marketplace, the platform has a superior user experience.

The TofuNFT platform was created to cater to the demands of NFT creators, and it provides prominent placement on the site, an enhanced filter and search facility, royalties sharing for teams with more than BNB 50 transactions, and customer service.


Treasureland is a multi-chain NFT protocol that supports the minting, issuance, and auction of NFTs. It offers a social experience by connecting NFT creators, users, and consumers in a decentralized manner.


ITAM is a Binance Smart Chain-based NFT marketplace that allows users to trade NFTs, as well as a multi-chain interoperability platform.

Users may use the marketplace's unique filtering system to narrow down their search to only the items they wish to purchase. For example, they may look for recently-minted NFTs that have just been released, or products that have recently been sold at bargain rates.


Solanart is a curated NFT marketplace with a restricted choice of available NFTs for sale. Volumes have recently increased for collections such as Degenerate Ape Academy, Aurory, and SolPunks on the platform.


Solsea  is the first NFT minting platform to allow creators to incorporate copyright permissions into NFTs. On the platform, you may list, mint, and trade Solana  (SOL), tether (USDT), and USD coin (USDC), with low expenses. Another feature of Solsea is the ability for a creator to make their collection public or private.

For every fully minted NFT, Solsea calculates rarity rank, score, and trait statistics.

DigitalEyes Market

DigitalEyes Market is an open NFT platform on Solana that enables buyers to purchase a variety of NFTs and provides a venue for creators to list their collectibles. During the sale of an NFT, the platform charges a 2.5% service charge, as well as a percentage royalties payment. The creator determines the latter. Currently, DigitaEyes is in Beta mode.


AtomicMarket  is a shared liquidity NFT marketplace where users may list an NFT on one market and have it appear on all other Atomic markets for free. Sales and auctions are charged a 2% fee by the site. In addition, each sale or auction can be programmed to pay out a certain amount of money.. is one of the most significant NFT marketplaces on the Tezos (XTZ) network. The platform's goal is to provide tools that make it simpler for the community to buy and trade NFTs on Tezos.

XTZ 0.0011 is the minimum fee charged by for users to list crypto art on the platform. A 2.5% fee is charged on successful transactions. Users can connect to the platform using any Tezos-supported wallet, such as Gelleon, Kukai, or Umami.

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