Telegram Crypto Users Being Targeted by New Malware

New malware, Echelon, attempts to gain access to crypto and steal credentials.

There is a new Telegram malware, dubbed Elcheron, which has been observed linked to crypto-related collectives in an attempt to gain access to cryptocurrencies wallets and account credentials, according to SafeGuard Cyber.

According to reports, a user with the "Smokes Night" handle distributes malware by dropping an infected file into chat rooms without comment.

"The sample of Echelon that we analyzed targets credentials, crypto wallets, and has some fingerprinting capabilities," SafeGuard explained. An attacker exploiting this vulnerability may gain access to victims' cryptocurrency assets.

However, it also attempts to gain access and steal passwords from a variety of different messaging, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), and Virtual Private Network (VPN) platforms that may be utilized for social engineering in the future.

Nonetheless, users may improve security immediately by utilizing some quick settings. To begin with, they should turn off automatic media downloading and activate other privacy settings such as restricting certain options to contacts only. Users should also avoid downloading unknown third-party files provided through any messaging or social media platform.

With its enhanced privacy and encryption capabilities, Telegram, a cross-platform messaging program, has become popular among the cryptocurrency community for its capacity to handle huge groups, as well as because it lacks any connection to Meta's family of social media applications — i.e., Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram.  

Investors of the Solana (SOL)-based non-fungible token (NFT) project Monkey Kingdom were attacked last week, when a cyber thief hacked the project's official Discord server and published a phishing link.

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