Survey Indicates Increasing Number Of Investors Selling Stocks, Bonds To Purchase Crypto

A marked rise in investors are selling traditional equities in order to invest in cryptocurrencies

Amid a dramatic rise in interest in cryptocurrencies, money from the stock market is beginning to flow into crypto, with 23% of Americans polled by CivicScience reporting that they or someone they know has sold equities or bonds to invest in cryptocurrency.

According to a poll of 1,997 people completed online between November 29 and December 6, 2021, 76% of respondents are more inclined to invest in traditional equities than cryptocurrencies, at 24%.

However, this is a significant change from June 2021, when the declared preference for equities was 90 percent and the inclination to invest in crypto was only 10 percent.

“More recently, in fact, some investors have begun selling off some of their stock assets to purchase cryptocurrency,” stated CivicScience. “And when we cross this information against the kind of market observer, we see that it’s serious investors that are swapping out their assets, much more so than casual ones.”

According to the survey, 7% of respondents have sold stocks or bonds in order to acquire cryptocurrency, with 16% personally knowing someone who has done so. The remaining 77% denying having made such investment decisions or knowing someone who has done so

According to the firm, 66 percent of investors who have sold at least some stock in order to buy crypto have kept the amount under a quarter of their entire assets.

According to the findings of ‘CivicScience,' over 20 percent of investors have sold more than half of their stock assets in order to buy cryptocurrency, a proportion that is extremely high. And digging deeper into the data, we see that this percentage is largely influenced by individuals who follow financial markets and the economy very closely.

According to the business, dedicated investors may know more about cryptocurrency than the general public, or they could be simply more risk-accepting than those who are less financially concerned.

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