OpenSea Is Allegedly Under Attacked

OpenSea Appears To Be Exploited.

A large number of Ethereum (ETH) has been stolen from the OpenSea NFT platform, according to reports.

PeckShield, a security and data analytics firm, said today that OpenSea appeared to be having an “front-end issue,” and the exploiter gained ETH 332 (754,885).

The shared address, according to Etherscan, holds ETH 347 (USD 788,991) as of this writing (11:18 UTC). It contains eight transactions that were all completed within four hours.

The frontend is the portion of a software, website, platform, or other type of system that a user interacts with. An attacker might seek to identify attack routes via the frontend in an effort to discover susceptible subsystems.

Meanwhile, users are divided on what is happening behind these transactions, with some proposing explanations like "fatfinger seller" or buyers who didn't cancel their bids.

A vulnerability is said to be allowing the attacker to acquire NFTs for old listing prices, possibly below the price floor, according to several reports published an hour earlier than PeckShield's.

Meanwhile, two days ago, OpenSea announced a new function that notifies users if they've created an ad "far below" the floor price (the lowest collection-item price).

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