How Meta Will Profit In the Metaverse

Meta Has Recently Been Granted Several New Patents.

Meta's (NASDAQ: FB)  parent firm, Facebook, has recently been granted a slew of new patents in the United States that shed light on its metaverse plans.

The company is developing its own metaverse, or virtual world with human-like avatars, which will include pupil motions, body postures, and nose scrunching.

Meta has recently been granted "dozens of patents”.  Meta has patented multiple technologies that ensure the avatars are animated in a realistic way by  making use of a person’s biometric data to power digital avatars in a virtual world.  Eye and face tracking technology via wearable sensors, are included among the patents.

The patents also reveal some information about how Meta plans to drive revenue from its new Metaverse, including “hyper-targeted advertising and sponsored content.”  There are also plans for a virtual store where users may purchase digital items sponsored by real-world companies.

The patents, according to the post, do not guarantee that Meta will develop these technologies; nevertheless, they do offer a clue as to what the company's intentions are.

Noelle Martin, who has researched Meta’s new plans for the University of Western Australia, has stated:

“the objective is to create 3D replicas of people, places and things, so hyper-realistic and tactile that they’re indistinguishable from what’s real.”

Martin added that the company will then go on to “intermediate any range of services […] in truth, they’re undertaking a global human-cloning program.”

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