Covid Pastime Turned Into 80K per Month Crypto Consulting Firm

Crypto is providing financial freedom to many of those with traditional credit limitations.

During the coronavirus epidemic's early stages, 46-year-old Brenda Gentry began investing in cryptoassets. She decided to quit her job as a mortgage underwriter last October and devote her life entirely to cryptocurrency, establishing a successful consultancy that pays Gentry up to USD 80,000 per month according to her.

She views cryptocurrencies as a means to amass money and hand it down to her two daughters, Cynthia, 23, and Imani, 19. The mother claims that the family is eager to exploit the unrivaled possibilities provided by crypto.

When her gains surpassed the returns earned by her retirement savings vehicle, Gentry was more confident in her crypto trading abilities.

“My investment portfolio surpassed my 401(k) — which had taken 11 years to get to USD 200,000 — in six months,” she announced.

Gentry claims that investing in cryptocurrencies is daunting, but her experience in finance and research allow her to feel confident about doing so.

Ms. Gentry typically makes between ETH 10 (USD 40,000) and ETH 20 (USD 80,000) from her company every month. Her company, Gentry Media Productions, works with decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible token (NFT) projects.  She was making about USD 75,000 per year as a financial services group employee with USAA in her previous profession.  

“Crypto is about financial freedom,” Gentry commented. “Most people who couldn’t access loans with traditional finance because of credit limitations can now invest in crypto and be able to borrow from it.”

Gentry's new job in cryptocurrency has allowed her to acquire financial stability, and it also extend it to her family. She was able to assist her parents in retirement last September.

Gentry's tale is part of a broader pattern. According to a recent poll, cryptoassets are becoming increasingly popular as a source of financial and job freedom in the United States, with life-changing amounts of money available to more people.

11% of poll respondents, like the San Antonio resident, said they quit their jobs themselves or knew someone who had due to their cryptocurrencyasset investments, including bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum (ETH).

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