Bitcoin and Ethereum Consolidate Losses, DOT, LUNA, and AVAX Gain Momentum

BTC, ETH and XRP face losses, while other alt-coins see gains.

Bitcoin attempted a resurgence, but it didn't last long. It is now (04:27 UTC) trading at USD 48,800, with a major support level set at USD 48,500.

Meanwhile, the majority of significant cryptocurrencies are still declining. If there is a close below USD 3,880 for ETH, it may extend losses. XRP are both trading at less than USD 0.850 and could swing as low as USD 0.800. ADA is consolidating near the USD 1.30 mark.

Bitcoin price

Bitcoin price fell below the USD 47,200 support level and subsequently tried to recover. A sharp increase in price was witnessed above the USD 48,500 mark. However, near USD 50,000, the price is currently facing a significant obstacle. Near the USD 52,000 mark is the next major resistance.

On the downside, support is near USD 48,500. The next significant support level is at USD 47,200, below which the price may fall further.

Ethereum price

The price of Ethereum rallied to USD 3,950 before finding support. ETH is currently consolidating at the USD 4,000 mark. On the downside, a key support is near the USD 3,950 level. The USD 3,880 mark serves as a crucial support below which the bears may gain momentum.

The price of Ethereum may face resistance near USD 4,120 if there is a fresh surge. The USD 4,250 mark is now acting as the main weekly resistance level.

ADA, BNB, SOL, SHIB, and XRP price

Cardano's price has dropped 4% and has fallen below the USD 1.325 support level, which is a negative signal. The USD 1.30 mark will be a crucial psychological support in the near future. A breakdown of the USD 1.30 barrier might push prices as low as USD 1.20 in extreme circumstances.,

Binance Coin (BNB) appears to be on track for a potential upside objective of USD 600. In recent weeks, the USD 550 support line has become the Binance Coin resistance level. The price is expected to rise gradually above the USD 600 threshold, which will act as a strong resistance.

SolarCoin's (SOL) price has surpassed the USD 175 pivot point. The USD 165 mark is a critical barrier to overcome. The next significant support is at around USD 150. Any further losses may result in the price slipping towards USD 132.

The price of SHIB is trapped near the USD 0.0000350 level. If the price breaks lower, it may fall below USD 0.0000320. The USD 0.0000365 zone may provide resistance if the price rises further up. When the price reaches around USD 0.000038, there will be another significant barrier to overcome (in

The XRP price has fallen to USD 0.746, with a first support level set at the USD 0.820 mark. If the bulls are unable to defend the USD 0.82 and USD 0.80 levels, there is a potential for a drop to the USD 0.75 level.

Other altcoins market today

Altcoins are dropping over 5%, include QNT, NEAR, EOS, DCR, GALA, BTT, IOTX, MATIC, WAXP, and FLOW. On the other hand, DOT, LUNA, and AVAX are gained 4%, reaching USD 61, USD 29, and USD 88, respectively. Among these, DOT and AVAX have gained at least 2% in a week, while LUNA has reduced its weekly losses to 10%.

Overall, the bitcoin price is consolidating below the USD 50,000 mark. There's a possibility that BTC will fall towards USD 45,000 if it remains under USD 50,000.

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