World Watch: March 14

The Ups and Downs happening around the world.

Too old to pirate

Limewire, the program we all used to pirate Gwen Stefani songs in 2005, has resurfaced. The platform will introduce a music NFT marketplace.

Is this a compliment

Scientists have discovered a 328-million-year-old predecessor to modern vampire squids.  It was named S. bideni after President Joe Biden.

You want fries with that crypto

Beginning in mid-March, a new Shake Shack offer will provide bitcoin cash-back rewards of 15% throughout the period. Are you feeling hungry?

I'll name him Rocky

A pet rock has been acquired by the $2.2 billion Perseverence rover on Mars, according to NASA. While the stone is stuck in a wheel, it isn't causing any problems at the moment.

Peter Parker, is that you

Invasive Joro spiders , "the size of a child's finger" but harmless,  are anticipated to spread across the East Coast this spring and summer. Ick!

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