World Watch: April 5

The Ups and Downs happening around the world.


This fall, NYU will present Taylor Swift with an honorary doctorate and address the class of 2022 at graduation.

The Blob reboot

Scientists developed a robot made of magnetic slime. They hope it can be used inside the body to retrieve mistakenly swallowed objects.

Tighty-white economy

Want to predict the next recession? Alan Greenspan says, "look to underwear."  Their sales tend to match economic downturns.

What's your name again?

So your posts were too alpaca-heavy and wrong. Researchers now say Machu Picchu was actually "Huaynu Picchu" to the Incas.

That's not what we meant by chunky

Skippy is recalling 160,000+ pounds of peanut butter that may contain steel fragments from manufacturing equipment.

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