The Week So Far: April 27

The news stories you may have missed so far this week.

Things are looking pricy for Donald Trump

After being held in contempt of court by a New York judge, the former president will have to fork over $10,000 a day in fines. The judge determined that Trump failed to hand over documents related to an investigation by New York’s attorney general, who is looking into whether Trump inflated asset values in his financial statements.

Praying for a win

The Supreme Court heard opening arguments in a case filed by a public high school football coach in Washington state, who was fired from his job for conducting prayers on the field after games. The coach said the school had violated his right to religious expression; the school said it could not allow the prayers to continue because they might be interpreted as an endorsement of religion

Phishing at the Yacht Club

The celebrity-filled NFT collection Bored Ape Yacht Club was fooled again this month by fraudsters. The BAYC Instagram account was hacked yesterday morning, and a phony ad tricked people into clicking a link that gave perpetrators access their digital wallets. The actual damage is unknown, but ape kidnappers stole millions of dollars worth of NFTs in hours.

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