The Week Ahead: April 18

All the news that's anticipated for this upcoming week

The Tax Man Is Waiting

Today is Tax Day, so if you haven't requested an've got a few more hours to submit your return and make the IRS happy. It appears that there are a lot of procrastinators this year: According to the IRS' April 8 deadline, 40% of people had yet to be accounted for.

More companies report earnings

When companies including IBM, Bank of America, United Airlines, Tesla, and Netflix release their first-quarter results later this month, expect inflation and cost cuts to be major themes.

Big week for cannabis

4/20, the day of celebration for cannabis enthusiasts, is Wednesday. The next day, New Jersey will legalize marijuana for recreational use.

Everything else:

  • Friday is Earth Day.
  • To relax the city's lockdown, Shanghai plans to eliminate "community level" spread of Covid by Wednesday..
  • Returning to TV this week: Better Call Saul, Russian Doll, The Flight Attendant, and Selling Sunset.
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