The Numbers: April 14

Pay is increasing, as are food costs. But at least student loans repayment is extended.


Starting pay for drivers for Walmart. To attract new drivers, the Arkansas-based retail giant is paying a quite competitive amount of money to get them on board, and it has been known to recruit its own employees from across departments.


The worldwide wheat price increase in March alone, while maize prices increased by 19.1%. The UN's global food price index has never been higher. Wheat accounts for 35% or more of the calories in people's diets in areas like North Africa and the Middle East, where the pain of rising prices is felt most acutely.

122 days

The Biden administration's extension of the federal student loan repayment pause. The extension has now been extended for the seventh time. With midterms fast approaching after the new August 31 expiration date, it's reasonable to anticipate another delay.

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